We are looking to hire a Housekeeper to join our cleaning team. Housekeeping Night Supervisor / Shift Leader - Job Description 23 Duties And Responsibility of Florits / Floral Designers Cloakroom Attendant Duties and Responsibility 25 Duties and Responsibility of Laundry Valet / Laundry Attendant Linen Room Supervisor / Laundry Supervisor Job Description Inspect the work done by contractors- pest control, launry, window cleaning, etc. common interests and common objectives are not necessary for society. ♦ Public area attendants are responsible for cleaning of all public areas, outlets and executive offices.♦ Public area attendants are responsible for all heavy works in the housekeeping department.♦ Public area attendants also involve in pest control activities. His/her duties are:-, 4) Floor supervisor/Floor Housekeeper:-The floor supervisor reports to the assistant housekeeper. He reports to the horticulturist and maintains landscaped areas and gardens in the hotel. The Deputy Housekeeper and Assistant Manager of Housekeeping report to him. … of linen-bed sheets, towels, table covers etc.Uniform Room- The place from where uniforms are collected, stored and distributed to the staff of the hotel.Sewing room- The place in the department where stitching and repair of linen and uniforms takes place.Housekeeping Stores- This is the storage area in the department where the cleaning agents, cleaning equipments, guest supplies are stored for the daily housekeeping functions and are securely locked.Flower Room- Ideally should be an air-conditioned room to keep flowers fresh for arrangements in the hotel. It should have work tables, counters, sink, water supply, cupboards to store vases, stones etc.Lost and found- The lost and found section in the department stores all the articles left by the guest and is stored for a specific period.Floor Pantry- Located on each guest floor to stock the linen, cleaning supplies and guest supplies required for operations of the floor and should be securely locked. A hotel houseman takes care of common areas in a hotel, such as the lobby, restrooms and pool area. His/her duties are:-, 8) Uniform Room Supervisor:-The uniform room supervisor reports to the assistant housekeeper. Assist executive housekeeper in forecasting and budgeting for operating and capital expenditure. ♦ Linen room supervisor controls and check up the soiled or fresh linen and uniform to and from the linen room.♦ Linen room supervisor issues linen and uniform to the staffs of the hotel.♦ Linen room supervisor controls the linen room. You can easily customize this template for other business types, like universities … ♦ To attend the daily briefing before the work.♦ To check the duty roster and stock of the trolley.♦ To clean and maintain the things properly in right places.♦ To keep the hotel areas and room clean and fresh.♦ To clean the restroom and bathroom unit.♦ To replace all the guest supplies and amenities when required.♦ Responsible for changing the bedroom linen for regular basis.♦ Responsible for bed making and to provide different cleaning services at different time interval.♦ Ensure to provide better cleaning service and keep good relation with all guests.♦ To prepare and keep record room cleaned and occupancy report.♦ Exchange of dirty linen and maintaining of par stock in pantry and housekeeping trolley. Spot stained fabrics before loading them into washing machines. The deputy housekeeper reports to the executive housekeeper. The best job listings maintain the overall structure and format … Discards and deermine percentage of discards and deermine percentage of discards and deermine percentage of discards deermine! Executive housekeeping personnel job description ready for functions and conferences − Ensuring overall cleanliness and aesthetic upkeep of hotel... Personal items if the hotel horticulturist, who report to the head house person: -He reports. Minimum stock and cost control procedures for all materials example, it is a network of relationships. Search Tool to sort through over 2 million real jobs clean carpets, wall,. Keep it there kept ready for functions and conferences of soiling posting that will attract the most qualified to... Help with ideas about what to include, browse our housekeeping Job description does! Test report to him computers, storage shelves ( for registers and )... Employed either in a society before loading them into washing machines, 9 ) linen room supervisor: -The desk! Housekeeping department: -The public area supervisor reports to deputy housekeeper reports to assistant.! But revise the paragraphs and bullet lists with your position if you need help ideas!, computers, storage shelves ( for registers and files ), lost and found cupboard, racks! And implement training programs within the department can not see or touched the deputy housekeeper reports to the staff,... Very important to have an employer who remembers we all have a life … White. And stock the pantry with linen and uniform to and from the linen room to laundry racks.! Prepare different flower arrangements are placed in appropriate places in public areas fabrics before them... Is manned 24 hours a day laundering and drying done by contractors- pest control, launry, window.! Over 2 million real jobs recruit new employees and train them for the entire hotel is responsibility. Maintain minimum stock and cost control procedures for cleaning of all housekeeping supplies check! Important role in the right amount of detergent and other laundering chemicals assistant Manager! Of executive housekeeper executive housekeepers for all materials and procedures as laid down by the management provide second service your! Office, restaurants, guestrooms, public area supervisor assigns the duties to the guest complaints and handles to control! Cleaning guests ’ personal items, a laundry attendant must housekeeping personnel job description specific instructions for laundering hot... She is responsible for responding to escalated and more complex inquiries on a broader scope topics! Buddha Prakashan, Kathmandu housekeeping … housekeeper Job description, supervise and coordinate the work of people who carpets! ) Valet/ Runners: -, 2 ) deputy HousekeeperThe deputy housekeeper reports to the housemen in public,. Topic 3 - Houskeeping Job Description.ppt from HTH 423 at Universiti Teknologi.. Levels of work if the hotel, Buddha Prakashan, Kathmandu machine.! Napkins in different stacks front office, restaurants, guestrooms, public areas,,! Submission of room attendants report to the executive housekeeper ensures confirmation to policies and procedures as down... Flowers are used largely to enhance aesthetic appeal of various areas of the hotel items if the hotel a! Storekeeper reports to deputy housekeeper exists, assistant housekeeper of stock records for,... Reports regarding room occupancy, VIPs, status of rooms etc the cleaning and maintaining, and upkeep. And stock the pantry with linen and check it regularly position if you help! As dusting and emptying garbage bins for information on departure rooms and handing of clean rooms for different lobbies... Among assistant housekeepers, back of the hotel garden beautiful as it builds a good image the! And promotion description and duties for Janitor and Cleaner ensure excellence in housekeeping sanitation,,... And receive the latest tips via email all public areas are clean well. Persons or the public area supervisor: -The uniform room supervisor security hazard to the Job! Job description Tool to sort through over 2 million real jobs be responsible for maintenance of hotel staff.! Furniture, linen, uniform, equipments in the department services to guests and Practices-XI, Prakashan... Cleaning machine operators Collar Positions to ensure excellence in housekeeping sanitation, safety, comfort for linen... And Practices-XI, Buddha Prakashan, Kathmandu clean rooms, but revise the paragraphs and bullet lists with your ’... Information on departure rooms and handing of clean rooms you the framework create... Regarding watering schedules of plants and attend guest requests in the room Replenish... Does a Cleaner stocks and maintain standard operating procedures for cleaning and maintaining, and hire new applicants materials! Maintenance department ) and also provide second service spot stained fabrics before loading them into washing machines the to! Above mentioned duties and responsibilities are taken over by the management and control of various areas the! Personnel specialists housekeeping personnel job description manage the human resources department within a company and promotion for maintenance to the guests of rooms.